Seed stitch wrap

The moment I set eyes on the Purl bee’s amazing seed stitch wrap, I knew I’d be making one for myself, and was itching to cast on its 109 stitches. The project in itself is knitting at its most mindless and minimal (kilometers of plain seed stitch, who’d want to knit that for hours on end?). But, hey, I’m a sucker for heirloom items, and the texture and colors of the finished wrap just scream “make me! make me!”

The suggested yarns are quite a bit on the pricey side, so I bought 9 skeins of soft Malabrigo merino worsted instead, in a color palette that does not “pop” as much as the original, but which I can see myself wrapping around my body.


Variegated blues, bluish grays, a little shock of damask rose to keep things interesting and shades of taupe. God, give me strength to finish this by next winter.


3 thoughts on “Seed stitch wrap

  1. I just started this same project with less expensive yarns as well. How is yours coming along?

    1. It’s coming along great… even if I’m not making much progress right now. I’ve almost finished knitting my first color, 8 more to go. I’ll post about it soon.

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