Gyllis in Gilliatt

As predicted, I’ve finished my Gyllis scarf, knit in Gilliatt pepper (from De Rerum Natura) and half a skein of Araucania Aysén I bought at the L’Aiguille en fête craft show back in February. I managed to botch a few stitches on one row, but I think I can live with that.

IMG_2892The scarf is architectural indeed, but quite wearable once you start trying ways of wrapping the warm bulk of it around your neck.

IMG_2859IMG_2889  IMG_2890

The whole thing was highly pleasurable to knit. I need to get my hands on some more Aysén from Araucania. Merino wool, alpaca, and a bit of silk; hand dyed variegated goodness that makes me want to knit more!

On another note, I’m completely obsessed with that hooded “thing” you can see Tom Hanks wearing in the movie Cloud Atlas (which has quite a share of textile craft on display). It looks partly knitted, partly crocheted. Got to find more about that…

On with the rest…


4 thoughts on “Gyllis in Gilliatt

  1. Gorgeous scarf. And I’m interested in the hooded thing too. (I know everyone hated the movie but I Loved it. Well, except for the perfunctory high speed chase.) I hope you’ll post about it if you decide to pursue improvising one or finding a pattern.

  2. I am also interested in the hooded thing to, can you help me with more information or where to finding…

  3. I don’t know if you made any progress on developing a pattern for the Tom Hanks ‘schoodie’ but, I want one too! I’m trying to get pictures and have someone help me make it.

  4. Hi,
    I’m also quite obsessed with the “hooded-wrap” that Tom Hanks wear in the CloudAtlas (after the Fall period). Well I’m obsessed about the whole movie but that’s another story. I’m trying to gather as much information and or image and or pattern that could help me reproduce it or at least something alike.

    If you ever make any progresse let us know int the comment. I’ll try a do the same.


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