Don’t tink back in anger

These last days – hell, these last weeks, – I’ve been busy knitting row upon row of my sweater. From the moment I joined the body and the sleeves, and started building from there, I had the nagging feeling that something just wasn’t right. More specifically, it seemed to me that the number of plain rows I had to knit before starting the raglan decreases was way too high. As I advanced in my work, and was able to try the sweater on, I started noticing several disturbing things: the excessive length of the sweater bottom, the strange puckering at the armpits, and the gaping neckline that just wouldn’t close. But, as this was my first sweater, and I had triple-checked my calculations, I decided to stick to the plan.

With hindsight, I can say I refused to see the blaring truth. Well. After arriving at the final row, and trying the sweater on one more time, I knew I would never wear a thing like this. And I knew that, somewhere, somehow, I had been wrong in my calculations.

After considering giving the whole thing up, I’m now willing to give it one last try. I’ve taken new measurements, and made calculations based on another sweater. I’ve ripped back to the place the body and the sleeves divide – which was an adventure in itself – and am starting afresh from this point up.


We’ll see how it goes.


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