First Raglan

My Ravelry project page tells me I started this raglan sweater a full year ago. And though I only seriously worked on it from time to time, I’m sure very glad the whole thing is finished! After the tedium of having to rip back a good third of my work and reknit the yoke and neckline, last week-end I reveled in smugness as I bound off the last stitches, sewed the armholes, and added duplicate stitch details to the bottom of the sleeves and body (I got the idea from how nice this Malabrigo sock yarn in Archangel looked against the Lettuce green when I used it to make a lifeline before the dreaded surgery).


Then I washed and blocked the finished object. And tried it on. And the body had stretched, and was too long for my taste.


So I cut off about 4 inches from the bottom, and reknit the seed stitch border. After that, I didn’t have the courage to remake the duplicate stitch embellishment, so I took it off from the sleeves as well. In the end, my first raglan looks like this, and I’m quite satisfied:


Things I’ve learned while working on this project: making a first sweater in fingering yarn isn’t a very good idea; how to pick-up stitches; how to embroider in duplicate stitch; how to graft stockinette; how to confidently tink and reknit large parts of a garment, without shedding too many tears.

Now, if the temperatures would drop down just low enough for me to be able to wear this…


3 thoughts on “First Raglan

  1. I am making my first cardigan for a niece. It requires lace weight yarn. I plan on making another of this pattern soon after I finish. Already I am thinking of ways to make a thicker yarn version. I feel your pain.

  2. Your sweater is gorgeous! I’m. Impressed that you stuck with it after so many frustrations….. Fantastic!

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