On Monday night, after the tedium of producing and measuring swatches, I settled for what I thought might be the correct needle and pattern size for making myself that Lopi sweater (I can’t really tell yet, because there was no easy way for me to get the recommended gauge). I cast on 192 stitches for the body (I’m making the XL large version in 4mm and 5mm needles, when I usually wear M to L), joined in the round and managed to knit ten rows when I had a minute or two…

And noticed only today that my stitches were twisted to begin with, when I joined the round. How this went undetected I can’t really explain. But it made me smile that I had actually made a mistake I’ve kept reading about (“join in the round, being careful not to twist“) and have always thought was very easy to avoid. OK, it also hurt my pride a bit.

I’m taking this as an invitation to start again and try out knitting the body on two circular needles, a technique I intend to also use in order to knit the two sleeves at the same time.

I’ve also started reading The Knitter’s Life List,  thoroughly enjoying it so far (Knitter’s Review here).


Lana Corsa

I’m in Corsica for the holidays, hardly having time to knit at all — which is far from a bad thing in my book. The most I can seem to manage is a row per day on my seed stitch wrap. However, I just had to post a picture of those marvelous skeins I have found at a wonderful and unique Corsican workshop called Lana Corsa while on the road.

lanacorsaThe wool is excitingly rustic as you can imagine, and all the skeins are undyed, except for the yellow/green one on the top left corner, which is dyed from fig tree leaves, and smells divine.

Tuareg (one down, eight to go)


In spite of the hot weather, I’ve managed to finish the first color of my seed stitch wrap, and joined a new kind of blue to the azul profundo stitches. It’s called tuareg (they come up with great names for their colorways, at Malabrigo). The change is not very striking at the moment, but I think that’s kind of promising…


My next big project is going to be an Icelandic yoke sweater. I’m busy swatching Léttlopi yarn, scratching my head and paper, oblivious to the fact that it’s 36°C outside.