Tuareg (one down, eight to go)


In spite of the hot weather, I’ve managed to finish the first color of my seed stitch wrap, and joined a new kind of blue to the azul profundo stitches. It’s called tuareg (they come up with great names for their colorways, at Malabrigo). The change is not very striking at the moment, but I think that’s kind of promising…


My next big project is going to be an Icelandic yoke sweater. I’m busy swatching Léttlopi yarn, scratching my head and paper, oblivious to the fact that it’s 36°C outside.



6 thoughts on “Tuareg (one down, eight to go)

  1. I liked the seed stitch wrap too and i think the two malabrigo shades you’re using are in my stash… looking forward to seeing how it’s coming along 🙂
    looks nice so far!

  2. Love your work and congratulations on persevering with the lettuce sweater – it looks great. 36 degrees – celsius I presume? I don’t know how you can stay focussed on knitting when it is so hot. That’s one of the problems I find in living in a temperate climate – I really enjoy knitting, but can’t wear it – just get too hot. Have opted instead for knitting socks – there are so many gorgeous yarns and designs and patterns out there

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