Let them eat brioche

The brioche scarf has been washed, blocked and fringed, and I must say I’m quite happy with the results. I’m still left with some yarn on the magic ball, and I am taking this as an invitation to add in more scraps as they come, and keep the never ending ball rolling.

In other news, I’ve decided not to start any new knitting before I’ve made satisfactory progress on the following three unfinished objects (I’ve been dragging these along for far too long now). This means:
– finishing the two sleeves of my Lopi sweater (I’m hoping that when this tedious part is done, knitting the yoke in stranded colorwork will be a reward in itself, and the whole thing will get finished fast);
– finishing my gansey scarf (can’t believe that thing was started 2 years ago!);
– joining a new ball of yarn on my seed stitch wrap.

We’ll see how that goes.


9 thoughts on “Let them eat brioche

  1. Gorgeous. The colors work really well together and the spaces between color changes are just right! It must have been fun to see how it was going to work out and you knit. Can you offer any advice about the lengths of scraps you used? How about the joins? Thanks for sharing. It is a treat for the eyes!

    1. As far as I can remember, the process went somewhat like this:
      – for the length: I based myself on the length of the shortest strand I wanted to use, and cut all the other scraps so that they might (roughly) be multiples of that length (as you can see in the pictures, I had more of the orange and red leftovers, so I sometimes made longer strands with them)
      – I then arranged all the strands by color on the floor, and imagined a sequence I wanted to repeat all over the magic ball (orange/blues/reds/yellows/grays) and picked strands of each color
      – and joined them together using the double knot technique (http://janerichmond.blogspot.fr/p/tutorials.html)
      Voilà! Hope that helps.

  2. You are doing great! I’d bee too embarrassed to put a list of unfinished objects I have on the go on my blog… My mind often works much faster than my hands can knit and they hands knit very fast for new projects, don’t they? Then there is a bit of a lull and then I pick up speed again when I realize how little it takes to cross the finishing line. I really enjoy your blog. Visually stunning AND informative!

    1. Swantje, thank you for your encouragements!
      I’m finding that putting lists of unfinished objects on this blog helps distinguishing the projects I really care about, and want to be held accountable for, in order to actually get some work done on them. Let’s hope it stays that way 😉

  3. Again, your work is smart and ‘to the point’ 😉 … but your presentation elevates it into a seeming elite fashion. You’ve really got it going on ! Blow ’em all outa the water you ! 🙂

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