Knitting… em Português

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I’m in Portugal for the holidays, and after a stay in the Algarve region, here I am for a couple of days in Lisbon. Almost as soon as I arrived in the city, I hopped on the metro to get to the Bairro Alto district, and from there made my way to Rosa Pomar’s Retrosaria (she’s @rosapomar on Instagram, by the way, and makes great pictures on top of all her other talents — and her blog is worth the read too). And Rosa was even there (and signed my copy of her book, yay!)
The store, the wool, the people didn’t disappoint — to say the least. And I’m saying the least because I don’t have much time to write, this being New Year’s Eve and all, and hope the pictures speak for themselves…

Processed with VSCOcam with t2 presetWarmest, wooliest wishes to you all my friends! I’ll try writing more next year 😉

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5 thoughts on “Knitting… em Português

  1. Happy new Year! It looks like you had a great time – I hope the rest of your holiday was just as good as that trip!

    I am really happy that I found your blog last year – I enjoy your photos immensely. You are a really talented knitter with an admireable eye for colour and style.

    Keep up the brilliant work! Your blog postings are always worth waiting for. 🙂

    Bonné année!

  2. Hey,

    this is probably one of the most stupid questions I have ever asked, but – are you alright? I was reading the news yesterday remembered that you live in Paris … I hope that you are okay and that no one you know was harmed.

      1. I’m glad to hear that, really. Of course it’s stupid to assume that, Paris is such a huge city …

        I heard that some people have already taken “revenge” on muslim communities and here in Germany, some groups are using these attacks for their +!&$h** propaganda as well already …

        Let’s hope that no more people will be harmed. Let’s hope that the violence will come to an end quickly.

        Thanks for responding. 😉

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