A Latvian Break (Remembrance of a Summer Past)

This is insane. It seems like only a few weeks ago, I was enjoying magnificent summer holidays in Latvia, full of woolly findings, ideas and projects, with the firm intention of sharing all those wonders here.
But months have passed, work has reasserted its rights on my days, not much knitting has been done, and my Latvian break has gone to that special place summery memories go… For the record, and not just nostalgia’s sake, here are a few highlights of a linen- amber- and wool-laden trip:

In Old City Rīga (Vecrīga), at the Hobbywool yarn store, I bought some wool and the authoritative book by Maruta Grasmane on Latvian mittens (see patterns here).

In the charming little town of Kuldīga, in a small store which sold mainly Russian commercial yarn, I bought two skeins of beautiful blue Latvian wool on sale in an old box lying on the floor. In Liepāja, at the Saiva Applied Arts Studio, I found the perfect buttons for my Streymoy cardigan, made of mesmerizing Baltic amber. Let’s see if I ever get to sewing those on…

In Dundaga, I visited the Pāces Vilnas Fabrika, the only factory in the country to process wool from Latvian sheep, from fleece to yarn. It was hard resisting the urge to splurge, but I finally settled on a few skeins of rustic fingering, that would probably be perfect for a pair of mittens or more.

In Rīga, finally, at Tīnes shop, I bought a pair of those mittens they quaintly refer to as “ethnographic”, for reference. And some yarn for practice.

I don’t know whether or when those woolly souvenirs will be put to use. But for now, just having them around is oddly satisfying as I trudge through knittingless days.


5 thoughts on “A Latvian Break (Remembrance of a Summer Past)

  1. I have to admit that you sprang into my mind last night immediately and I was so relieved this morning to see that you had been on ravelry shortly before me. I hope you are alright, and your friends and family, too.

    (and of course, I saw you blog post and was happy to read it. 🙂 )

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